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Easily view usage reports, throttle speeds, block devices, generate vouchers, and manage the system by logging into your online dashboard.


Responsive layouts work on any device that connects - iPhones, Androids, Macbooks, Windows laptops, and yes even Kindles!


Collect valuable customer marketing data such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays, and more.


Our system has the ability to broadcast three networks - use one for secure, one for public, and one for paid (or however you want). Use one password for everyone, voucher codes with time limits, or no password for an open network.


Push your business' name into the social world! With integrated Facebook WiFi, your customers check into your business before being able to access the Internet - giving you endless free advertising to all their friends.


Route customers to a sign in screen to accept standard Internet use terms & conditions and display your logo with any related information desired - such as phone number, hours of operation, and other useful information.


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Having free WiFi available encourages guests to spend longer amounts of time in your restaurant or bar. And longer stays typically mean larger tickets with more profits. offers the ability to offer free WiFi using a landing page sign in or Facebook check in. In return for giving out free WiFi access, you can collect valuable marketing data in order to gain a better knowledge of your guests and effectively market to them with targeted promotions.

Ever read reviews of hotels online? Notice the common theme among low ratings? It looks something like this: "Nice pool, great staff, but the WiFi was awful". That is because hotel guests typically rank WiFi as the most important in room amenity. provides the most advanced wireless networking solutions in every corner of your hotel. Our cloud based networks allow you to provide your employees and guests with WiFi access that is fast, reliable, easy to use, and - most importantly - features your brand.

From car dealerships to repair centers and body shops - all these businesses need WiFi. And every customer expects it. provides the most advanced wireless networking solutions in every corner of your building. Take advantage of multiple networks to have secure access, employee access, and customer access. Most importantly, you can put your brand infront of thousands via Facebook integration - so that when a customer logs into WiFi, they need to check into your business.

Condos and apartments can save thousands on Internet bills by installing a professional WiFi system. can provide your building or complex with a top of the line WiFi system, completely eliminating the need to have dedicated Internet in each individual unit. Offer a priority network with no bandwidth limit for owners or renters, a secure network for staff, and a throttled open network for guests. Feel like charging for usage? Well, you can do that too with our system!

WiFi in campgrounds and RV parks is a rarity...but it shouldn't be. It is now possible to add the value of WiFi and eliminate the cost of permitting, trenching, and running cable because our system offers the ability to extend the network via wireless mesh technology. brings the most advanced, reliable, and easy to use wireless networking solutions to every corner of your property - no matter how many acres it may be.

What does town hall, the courthouse, the police station, and the fire station all have in common? They all have and need secure and reliable WiFi. offers the ability to create multiple networks for different purposes. In the event of a downed access point, our networks mesh and self heal so there will never be a WiFi outage. Offer staff secure access and block LAN access & isolate devices on public networks so connected devices cannot be accessed. Have a problem device? Simply block it from the network using your cloud dashboard.

Lets face it, business data can be valuable and needs to be protected. But every office needs WiFi, which puts your data more at risk to unauthorized or prying eyes. offers WiFi devices and networks that allow secure WiFi and guest WiFi networks to be completely seperated. That way your employees and guests never see what they're not supposed to. All access points can block LAN access, isolate clients from seeing one another, and give you the ability to block devices that are deemed to be a security threat or nuisance.

HIPPA laws are becoming more and more strict in the medical field. Doctor offices, dentists, psychiatrists, and anyone involved in healthcare needs secure WiFi that follow these strict laws. offers WiFi devices and networks that allow secure WiFi and guest WiFi networks to be completely seperated. To add an extra layer of protection, our devices can block LAN access, isolate clients from seeing one another, and give you the ability to block devices that are deemed to be a security threat.

Don't see your business type listed here? That doesn't mean we can't serve your needs! is customizable to every business type. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help build a safe, secure, reliable WiFi network that will be sure to meet all your needs.


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"I've been working with IES for a over a year. My experience has truly been professional, timely and stress free. I was previously with a different company for over 16 years and had some difficult times, especially where my business is a hotel that is operating 24/7. Everything we do these days is technology driven and having a competent, honest company is imperative to the success of our business."

Keelas Small, Owner
Comfort Inn (Plymouth Motel, Inc.)
Plymouth, MA

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"We are so lucky to have such a great partnership with IES. Among many other things, they help with our Wi-Fi in all of our restaurants. The system has been a great asset for me as a marketer. It's important to us that our customers have access to Wi-Fi to do any posting and sharing on social media while dining with us and I use it to promote our weekly specials and holiday promotions."

April Oliveira, Marketing Director
Viscariello Hospitality Group
Multiple MA Locations

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"As we add more and more locations to our portfolio, we are finding outdated technology left and right. IES is one of the first companies we call after purchasing a new location to bring our WiFi into the 21st century. I like being able to block employees from using their cell phones at work and my customers love the sign in page that displays this week's sales. IES WiFi is the perfect solution for us in every situation we need it for. "

Scott Chalmers, District Manager
Napa Auto Parts (West Parts, Inc.)
Multiple MA Locations

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"Thanks to IES we finally have our wifi issues resolved. In the past, members/guests would always have issues with the wifi such as loging on, speed, etc. It seemed as though our servers/bartenders were spending almost as much time trying to help people get on the wifi as serving them food and drinks. The system not only has eliminated ALL our issues pertaining to wifi, but our employees can now focus on serving the guests."

Tom Mayer, President
Plymouth Country Club
Plymouth, MA


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